Case Study: Affinitiv Digital Increases Dealer’s Lower Funnel Conversions by 194% with Google’s Performance Max

All | May 16, 2021

Author: Affinitiv Digital & Google

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A Profile on Ford of Port Richey


Affinitiv Digital partnered with Google to test and develop a Performance Max strategy for our client, Ford of Port Richey. Read the full case study details below. 

The Challenge

Ford of Port Richey was looking for ways to increase their digital
advertising market share and grow awareness in their market.

The Approach

Implemented Performance Max to drive consumers into the
dealership across 5 Google properties and bidding only toward the
following conversion values: form fills, chats, calls & store visits).

The Results

Ford of Port Richey is keeping Performance Max as an evergreen
strategy because they felt the product is a great hybrid between
Local Campaigns, Discovery, and Smart Bidding. This resulted in a 171%
increase in conversions, 75% decrease in CPA, and a 459% increase
in conversion rate.

From the Dealer:

“We’ve been very happy with the results from our Performance Max campaign. We’ve been able to reach customers across all of Google’s platforms during the purchase journey while utilizing Smart Bidding to target consumers at the right time on the right platform to get conversions that will lead to an increase in sales.”

—Terald Hopkins, General Manager @ Ford of Port Richey


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