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Customer Relationship Management or CRM tools are the software programs that allow auto dealers to manage large amounts of information successfully, including client contacts and appointments, information about prior sales, service orders, inventory, and even work rotations. However, not every dealer is using CRM software to its full capacity. The question becomes: how can car dealerships better utilize dealer CRM tools?

Think Globally

One problem with dealer CRM software is that dealers tend to purchase it to address one or two issues at a dealership rather than thinking globally about the uses to which a CRM system can be put. For example, a dealer may want a CRM system to manage sales team contacts but does not consider that the same system can also manage service appointments and contacts as well.

It is important that any dealer who wants to use CRM software must be able to think globally about the uses of these programs. If dealers do not think in a holistic manner they may well miss important features of the CRM software program that could benefit them tremendously in managing their dealerships and their relationships with customers.

Think Creatively

It is important for dealers who want to use CRM software to be unafraid of creativity. CRM software is incredibly flexible. It can be applied to all types of situations and used for many different purposes. When dealers explore the ingenuity available in CRM software by taking advantage of all of the many uses of these programs they will find that they have a tool that can help their dealerships in ways they never imagined.

Think Positively

When a dealership buys in to the CRM software platform completely, confidently and positively, they will begin to see the results they have always desired. On the other hand, when employees are stymied by software they are not trained properly to use or when they do not buy in due to negative past experiences, CRM software can become a burden rather than a useful tool.

An auto dealer can lead their staff in thinking positively about the power of CRM software. It is very important that everyone has the right training to use the software effectively and to understand the power it has to make everyone’s job easier. Thinking positively about CRM software is a great way to boost productivity and ensure that everyone has the tools they need to their jobs successfully.

Thinking globally, creatively and positively as the leader of a dealership will help the rest of the employees understand the potential benefits of the CRM system. This also helps everyone utilize the program to its fullest efficiency and ultimately increase the dealership’s bottom line.

Because CRM software has the potential for being so important to a dealership’s welfare, it is critical that dealership owners and managers understand exactly how much these programs can do for their companies and encourage their employees to use CRM software to the fullest extent possible.

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