increase in YouTube views over more traditional mediums


drop in overall TV viewership


increase in population consuming on-the-go media vs. TV

Content That Supports Your Goals

No matter your brand or message, our vast library of pre-production videos allow our in-house team to create videos customized to your dealership’s needs.

Video Advertising, Automotive Focus

Automotive focused YouTube Advertising is created by our award-winning, in-house production team. Not only is this budget-friendly, but it allows a dedicated team to target the exact right audience and drive that traffic to your website.

A Competitive Edge

  • YouTube views are constantly rising – be where your customers are
  • Our Video Vault contains thousands of pre-roll videos that can be quickly customized for your dealership
  • Low production costs, along with our policy to only charge when qualified customers watch your entire 30 second video leads to a better bottom line and real results

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