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Customer Only | January 10, 2019


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Have you ever had a customer wait an hour, maybe two, simply because your service advisors were overbooked? It’s a common problem in fixed ops that can impact customer experience — and whether customers come back for future appointments. It doesn’t have to be a problem, though. In AutoLoop Book™, service appointments can be scheduled based on advisor availability. There are three easy ways to do this: by using the Appointments Dashboard, by utilizing Customer Search, or through the Control Panel.

Option 1:

  1. On the Appointments tab, select the Available filter
  2. Select Advisor preference in the filters (if necessary)

3. Search the customer

4. Select Schedule Appointment

5. Follow the prompts to book

By default, the page will show you the open slots for any team or advisor. This means the system will automatically assign the customer round-robin style to the next available advisor, with their next available time slot. So if the customer doesn’t have a preference for service advisor, staff can simply select the Available plus sign, search the customer’s name, and select Schedule Appointment. Then, they’ll just have to follow the prompts to book (there are four stages).

Option 2:

  1. Go to the Customers tab
  2. Search the customer and select Schedule Appointment
  3. On the Appointment tab (on the far right), select the first available for Any Team, Any Advisor


Select the preferred advisor and the date/time from the calendar

4. Save out the appointment

Option 3:

  1. Go to the Customers tab
  2. Search the customer and select Schedule Appointment
  3. On the Appointments tab, select Control Panel

4. If applicable, select the preferred advisor from the Advisor Capacity Chart

5. Select the appointment details within the Appointment Grid

6. Save and Close

Streamline your service lane by using the built-in capacity management tools in Book. With three different methods, it’s even easier for staff members to book appointments, because they can each take the path that fits them the best. Using these methods, your customers will be happier, you can avoid overworking your technicians, and your service lane will be able to process more repairs.

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