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When customers pull into the service drive at Community Honda of Orland Park in Illinois, they’re welcomed by a dedicated greeter. While this may seem like the normal service-lane procedure, there is one crucial difference. Since they began using AutoLoop Quote™, the greeter at Community Honda is not only getting customers checked in, but actively engaging prime sales prospects in the service lane. As they come through, potential customers are presented with their customizable quote. The new habit is a hit. “Usually, people are happy to learn they’re in equity and were not aware,” says General Manager Joe Vanerio.

The greeter’s job doesn’t end in the lane, however. They are also responsible for following up with sales prospects by phone—with strong results. Between May and July, Community Honda used Quote to send out 9,941 targeted communications, and credits it with closing 25% of all new car sales during that time. They have been particularly successful, says Vanerio, converting service-only customers using Quote’s predictive data to identify individuals who were in equity but did not purchase their previous vehicle from Community Honda.

A key part of converting these customers, says Vanerio, is being upfront with them about the condition of their current vehicle. “The service manager always lets customers know when repairs on their car will be excessively costly,” he explains.

In addition to the thoughtfully timed follow-up calls, Community Honda strategically uses AutoLoop Newsletter to remind sales prospects of their opportunity, Vanerio says. “Customers who received their quote two to three months ago come in ready to look into their offer.”

To make sure the Community dealer group is getting the most out of Quote and stays on top of the regularly added new features, Joe and his team have a weekly training call with their AutoLoop Performance Manager. During the calls, the Performance Manager always brings something new to the table to help the team continue to succeed.

Vanerio brings up another important ingredient for profitability: “We track everything!” Community Honda’s monthly ROI goal for Quote is 2% of all payout and warranty ROs. “And we always get there—or very close,” he shares.

To adopt your own successful sales strategies using AutoLoop Quote, contact your Performance Manager today.

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