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Those outside the world of auto sales are sometimes surprised to learn about the parts of the job that go beyond simply selling cars. But those on the inside know all too well that, at the end of the day, the job of a dealership salesperson is really all about making and maintaining strong customer relationships. Being good at doing that takes a lot of different skills. Read on for some key strategies to not only sell your next car, but to connect with modern customers and turn them into loyal ones for life.

Engage them with a question

If you struggle with getting conversations started, a question is the easiest way to go. Asking questions shows your prospect you’re interested in getting to know them. It doesn’t have to be too deep; it can be something as simple as “What brings you out today?” Questions that are likely to get a positive answer are your best bet and keep the conversation upbeat. Asking the right questions is also the best way to qualify your customers and figure out what kind of vehicle they’re looking for.

Be transparent

Since a common salesperson perception of customers is that they distrust you, part of your job is to prove them wrong. Besides, answering prospects’ questions as honestly as you can is always in your best interest. If you mislead customers, and they discover the truth, even if you’ve managed to sell them a vehicle, you’ve squandered any chance of retaining that customer as a referral in the future. So, honesty really is the best policy here.

Know your strong points (and your competition’s)

As a salesperson, it almost goes without saying that you should know your inventory as well as any deals you’re currently running. How else are you going to answer questions and keep your prospects interested? But there’s something else you should know like the back of your hand: your competitors. Understanding what makes them tick will give you a competitive edge. By knowing what differentiates your shop from the rest, you’ll better know how to win over leads who are more than likely visiting (or planning to visit) your competing dealers in their car search. There are several ways to keep up with the competition, from checking out their weekly ads to following them on social media. Choose the method that will be the easiest for you to stay on top of, so you’re always in the know about the dealers down the street.

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