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Does the day of the week an email campaign is launched effect whether that email is opened? It does! And boosting your open rates ultimately increases response rates – meaning more ROI for your store.

In a recent study, we identified how dealers could drive ROI by analyzing on-demand email campaign launch dates. In our research, we were able to pinpoint the best days of the week, as related to email open rates. Read on to learn how to improve your campaign engagement by optimizing your launch days.

What We Discovered

We analyzed all on-demand email campaigns launched between January 2015 and September 2017. And in our analysis, we found that the beginning and middle of the week showed higher volume and open rates. While the weekend showed lower volume, the open rates were significantly higher than during the week – a strong indicator of customer engagement.

How to Maximize Your Results

For non-premium brands, target the first half of the week, Monday through Wednesday, as your prime days to drive engagement. For premium brands, the ideal campaign launch days are Tuesday and Thursday. Although the weekend shows lower volume, all brands should consider trying a Saturday or Sunday campaign launch to find out how it performs for your store.

Do you know which days generate the highest engagement rates for your dealership? Track your campaign progress with at-a-glance data on your Click Through Report found in your dealership portal. And to find out more about how to drive engagement, or for any other questions regarding Essentials, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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