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Creating brand loyalty in today's computerized world requires excellence and speed at every step of the automotive customer lifecycle, from first contact to repurchasing. If your dealership can't keep pace, we can guide you through a digital transformation to streamline your operations.

We provide a comprehensive and tailored solutions suite that converts manual tasks and face-to-face interactions to the digital applications you need to create a fantastic customer journey.

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We’re always excited to see how Book is helping dealers make – and surpass – new goals. Over the last three months, many stores have experienced fantastic success with Book. Some are even exceeding the national average of customer-booked appointments by nearly 30%! In doing so, dealers are able to free up advisor time so they can spend more time advising, and less time booking appointments. Plus, when used to its full potential, Book improves shop flow and allows your Service Department to fine-tune your processes for maximum efficiency overall.

During the last three months, six dealers were seeing 40% or more customer-booked appointments (based on dealers with more than 1,000 monthly total appointments). These dealers are consistently demonstrating how using Book to its full capability brings not only higher customer engagement and satisfaction, but more efficient service lanes as well.

Crews Subaru of Charleston: Transformed by Book

We love to hear how our solutions are changing the way our dealers run their stores and improve day-to-day operations. Crews Subaru of Charleston is a prime example of this, showing how a dealer can use Book to completely transform their Service Department into an organized, streamlined powerhouse. With Book, Crews Subaru is driving more appointments and higher CSI to set themselves apart from the competition.

Prior to using Book, Crews Subaru of Charleston scheduled service appointments within their DMS. In doing so, they didn’t have access to convenient features like shop loading. This means they couldn’t easily monitor how many appointments were scheduled for the week, see advisor schedules, or determine their shop capacity. Additionally, they didn’t have the added advantages of a ledger overview or status updates.

Now the Service Department at Crews Subaru of Charleston has been completely revamped – all with the help of Book. Everyone, from the service advisors to the BDC reps, appreciates receiving notifications of customers with remaining warranties and open recalls. This enables the Crews Subaru team to take customer service to the next level and keep customers happy and informed. The Crews Subaru Service Manager values how easy it is to navigate Book. Being able to quickly review his shop’s service ledger and monitor its status on a daily basis helps him ensure that shop capacity is being fully utilized and advisor workload stays balanced.

Maximize Book in Your Shop

Are you fully utilizing Book to streamline shop flow, boost CSI, and drive more service appointments? At AutoLoop, we’re committed to the success of our dealers and want you to get the most out of our solutions. We’ve made several online resources available to you, including updates, training materials, user guides, and more. You can find these resources in the Online Resources section of your AutoLoop portal. If you have any questions or need assistance maximizing Book for your store, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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