New: TreadSpec readings integrate with SmartLane.

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SmartLane™, our mobile check-in and service-lane management tool, is making it even easier to diagnose tire issues and recommend needed services within your service drive. Now the application integrates seamlessly with TreadSpec, the no-touch drive-over tire diagnostic system. The new integration will allow SmartLane to streamline the check-in process even further and make offering tire upsells a breeze for advisors. Read on for more info.

How TreadSpec works

TreadSpec uses laser technology to capture a wealth of tire data, simply by having customers drive over it on their way into your service lane. It instantly reads tire tread depth, delivers alignment and rotation diagnostics, delivers a stopping-distance reading and even recommends proper tire air-pressure levels.

Effortless access to one of your best upsell opportunities

When SmartLane and TreadSpec are used together, you’ll have immediate access to your customers’ tire diagnostic results. Results will appear in SmartLane along with all other inspection and diagnostic results. This enables your advisors to have invaluable conversations with customers regarding tire health and maintenance timeliness.

The best tire coupons, on demand

SmartLane is designed to create relevant and trackable coupons for customers. That’s great news for dealerships using TreadSpec, as this new integration makes it even easier to identify upsell opportunities and present the best product options to customers. If you have any questions about this new feature, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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