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Customer Only | September 21, 2017


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Quickly engage lower-funnel customers you missed on the service drive with Quote’s latest addition to the Missed Opportunities report: simply pull a list and create a campaign to target customers right from the report’s screen.

Displaying desired data

To access your missed opportunities, open the Sales and Usage report and click on the Missed Opportunities tab. A list of uncontacted customers will automatically populate – and to view options of what to do with that list, select the Create Contact List button towards the bottom of the page.

Once clicked, you’ll see a high-level overview of customers who have a quote, but have not been engaged by your dealership yet.

Select the Market Driver button to begin the campaign request process, and your list of missed opportunities will automatically load as your targeted audience. For at-a-glance details of your results, click View Results. The data will populate in a ledger-inspired list view, showing key customer details, customer trade and quoted vehicles, and alternate purchase options.

And lastly, select List Actions to export the results to your CRM, or to reassign customers.

For more information on this exclusive new feature, or for missed opportunity best practices, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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