New This Month: Report Builder Enhancements

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Find the Right Totals

Eliminate users having to manually total up team or line items to obtain report totals with new AdHoc Reports. You can access and view both team totals and grand totals, depending on how the report is grouped.

See the Specifics

In addition, you can now validate/list the report details without building a separate listing report: we provided the ability to drill down on the AdHoc reports to get a list of customers/events for that total. Underlined numbers are those that allow you to drill to the results. Drill Downs are automatically added based on the column selections in the report.

Sample Drill Down View

To access your reports and see the upgraded capabilities, click through as follows:
Main Menu → Reports → Report Builder

Continually Enhancing XRM

Your XRM is designed to make management easy and efficient – and our ongoing enhancements help it deliver everything you need. If you have questions about these recent changes or any other XRM areas, contact your Performance Manager.

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