Marvin Grimm

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Marvin oversees all business development activities and focuses a great deal on building strategic partnerships to further the success of the organization. He is responsible for all OEM relationships and has proven highly successful in his ability to secure opportunities for co-op and manufacturer exclusive programs.

Former Vice President & General Manager of RPM, he managed all aspects of product development and operations. Marvin also managed and directed the sales force for Autobytel Inc.’s award-winning solution. During his tenure, he increased dealer counts and lowered expenses adding to RPM’s success as one of the fastest-growing products in Autobytel’s history. He helped to secure relationships with many major OEMs, including Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Infiniti, Toyota, KIA, Scion and General Motors.

Marvin is a well-recognized industry expert and a sought after speaker who has presented at a variety of OEM events and regional meetings. His areas of expertise include service reminder solutions, retention programs, automotive CRM, dealer relationships and dealer management.