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The Benefits of Using a Completely Live Vehicle Appraisal Team – Mike Dodd, Trade-In Valet

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Jim Fitzpatrick: Thank you so much for joining us on the show. Mike Dodd: Thank you for having me. Jim Fitzpatrick: Sure. Having a great show so far? Mike Dodd: Absolutely. Man, it’s an absolute whirlwind for us at the moment. Have you been by the booth? Jim Fitzpatrick: I have. Mike Dodd: […]

Affinitiv Making Preparations to Host Cocktail Party and Exhibit at NADA 2017 Conference and Expo in New Orleans

Affinitiv, the new powerhouse automotive marketing company, will be hosting a Saturday night cocktail party to celebrate the newly formed entity with clients, associates, employees, and members of the auto industry, while exhibiting at the NADA Conference and Expo.