Means that one specific need-based message is served to one specific customer

3+ hours

is the amount of time per day your customer spends on mobile devices

1 in 5 minutes

on a mobile device is spent on Facebook & Instagram


is the average increase in reach when social media is added to a marketing plan

So, what can you expect? Results.

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Social Roots 1:1 offers:

Improved Visibility

See an increase in visit frequency, revenue, traffic & owner loyalty


This solution lowers your marketing budget and still delivers consistent, professional & timely messaging


Social Roots 1:1™ is completely automated, so you won’t have to do a thing


And with robust ROI & performance reporting, you’ll know it’s working

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Reputation Management

One bad review can cost you up to 30 new customers each month. That’s a stat you can’t ignore. So, get proactive.

Our tools make it easy to monitor the chatter and build a positive online image.

  • Receive daily alerts of any new reviews, updates or secondary comments
  • Take the good, with the bad and the in-between. You’ll hear it all, and with an Affinitiv marketing specialist as your guide, learn how to effectively address each.
  • Check in on the online conversation anytime with our cloud-based platform. Whether you have one location or many, this custom dashboard collects data from, and lets you interact with, all review sites in one place.

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Your dashboard automatically determines 5 local competitors for each individual location, providing clear insight into how you stack up, and isolating areas of improvement.
  • Knowledge is power. Generate helpful reports to keep your team in the loop. Set parameters to analyze your region, brand, franchise and more.

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