of research for vehicle sales & service was done via search engine


search for the manufacturer of their vehicle first


call directly from a mobile search result


bounce rate increase can occur with only a 1 second lag in page load times

Accurate & Transparent SEO Strategy

Fresh Monthly Content

All unique content is aligned with your monthly sales and aftersales initiatives, while also understanding the visibility and areas of opportunity to generate leads and gain rankings in organic search results.

Hands-On SEO Strategists

Our SEO strategists refine the code and enhance meta data behind each dealer website, driving traffic to inventory and contact pages. They also conduct site optimization audits and work with the web provider to identify areas to help improve organic rankings in both Google and Bing.

Brand Consistency

We ensure your dealer name, address and phone number are listed accurately in directories across the web.

Backlink Audits

We conduct backlink audits and continually build high-quality valued links.

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