more people buy products marketed by email vs. those who do not receive email offers


higher open rate for professionally designed & managed campaigns vs. the national average

Digital Target

Reach New Customers

Get the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. This solution generates a targeted prospect list and delivers recipients a timely, relevant, branded email piece to influence purchase behavior and increase response rates.

Create Optimized Email Campaigns

Select a template from our design portfolio or provide creative direction to create a completely custom piece viewable across devices.

Target In-Market Data

Affinitiv’s proprietary solution predicts in-market buyers within a 25-mile radius of your dealership, including consumers who are interested in your competitor’s vehicles. We take the results found and run it against your database to exclude emails of customers who have purchased or serviced in the past 36 months.

Review Enhanced Reporting

Our reporting includes marketing channel metrics and match back reporting to demonstrate campaign returns.


Become a Resource

Customers will know your dealership’s sales & service offerings, when they are due for maintenance, reminders about previously declined work and more.

Plus, emails will become a trusted prompt to visit your service lane: that’s the goal. A running dialog using smart data from your DMS and manufacturer lays the groundwork for building a strong, trusted relationship with your customers.

Affinitiv’s Email Marketing Team

They know exactly how to create the optimal email. Your message comes out on top with impactful subject lines followed by engaging creative & copy to motivate action.

And we know what’s working – detailed ROI and click-thru reporting plus analytics will come your way. Each bit of new information helps us tweak for campaign tailored more and more specifically for you.

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