Go Beyond the Postcard

Communication shouldn’t end at the mailbox. Without a strong connection, there’s no brand loyalty. That’s why a truly integrated, digital-focused marketing campaign is crucial. Fueled by smart data and predictive analytics, our recommendations span across multiple customer touch points (including need notification, scheduling, service writing, in-service notification and post-service follow-up).

So in short? We offer a ridiculously accurate, incredibly timely, hassle-free way to have a one on one lifecycle conversation with your customers.

Lesson of the Day: Embrace Digital

A customer drives their shiny new car off your lot. Now what? Don’t worry, they’ll be back.

Here’s how it could happen: Meet Carson.

Connectiv1: The Easy to Use Platform that Manages It All

  • 360°, real-time view of every opportunity
  • Dashboard custom for your OEM, Dealer Group or Individual Dealership
  • Data snapshots of individual customers & their unique needs
  • Tools to manage marketing campaign decisions & approvals
  • Calculates intelligent metrics to pinpoint customers most likely to respond to messaging

Service Marketing

  • Carson sees your Dealership Ad on Facebook
  • Later, he sips his coffee & opens his laptop
    • Your Display Ad is next to the Daily News
  • Bing! New Message Received: Due for Maintenance

Service Scheduling

  • Carson clicks a Reminder Email to Book an Appointment
    • He selects a time and coupon to apply
    • Your Dealership is notified and pre-planning begins for parts inventory, labor & more
  • Bing! New Email Received: Appointment Reminder
  • Carson is greeted by a friendly advisor in the Service Lane. She was expecting him, knows what services he needs + his purchase/decline history.

Multi-Point Inspection

  • The Advisor performs a multi-point inspection for Carson guided by her tablet.

In-Service Communication

  • Carson leaves for lunch
  • New Text Received: Service Progress Report
    • He views a photo of a suggested service (his power steering fluid is low)
    • Halfway through a burger, he texts his approval & the service is added
  • New Text Received: Your Car is Ready!
    • Carson auto pays his bill, picks up his car & quickly goes about his day.


  • Bing! New Email Received: Thank You, Carson!


Over the following weeks & months:

  • You host a Safety Check event for Carson’s Make & Model
    • He’s invited during a personalized phone call
  • He declined service for new breaks on his last visit
    • Bing! New Email Received: Follow Up & New Breaks Coupon
  • Winter is right around the corner
    • Carson sees your New Tire Sale ad on Instagram
  • A Seasonal Postcard Arrives: Holiday Wishes & January Coupons
  • Post-warranty, he searches online for ‘nearby oil change’
    • In his results, your PPC ad lists above the local independent shop

And that’s just a peek at one unique experience.

Just think how Affinitiv can help capture new customers, increase satisfaction, improve brand loyalty and win back existing customers with a strategy custom built to achieve your goals.

Ready to get started? Contact us to begin building a custom strategy.

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