Search Marketing includes Pay Per Click advertising. And those clicks? We make them count. With qualified traffic being driven to your site, conversion rates rise, along with auto sales, appointment bookings and service lane revenue.

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Have you tapped into the most influential ad medium for car dealerships? It's easier than you think.

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Affinitiv’s SEO Strategists take a hands-on approach to auditing your online presence and providing solutions to gain rankings in organic search results.

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Social Media

3+ hours a day. That’s the average time your customers spend on mobile devices. And of those minutes, 1 in every 5 are spent on Facebook & Instagram.

Seize those moments.

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Display Advertising

Movie Buff? Avid Sports Fan? Cute Puppy Photo Enthusiast? No matter what bucket your customer falls in, custom, targeted banner ads will follow them to the sites they frequent most.

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IP Direct

Precision. It can mean the difference between your marketing campaign vs. a competitor’s, connecting with a customer vs. missing an opportunity.

And honing in on a Zip Code just isn’t good enough.

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We know what you’re up against: a crowded inbox and a need to stand out.

Affinitiv takes the work out of your hands (and your desk time). Our Email Marketing Team helps you speak directly to each customer using campaign based and automated email communications.

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Custom, high quality dealership ads will help your message resonate. And it's more affordable than you think.

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