Dedicated Business Development Managers

Our field team is here for you, on your turf. Just think of them as your go-to resources.

They know you, your local area, your competition, and take a hands-on, in person approach to building a smart, customized marketing strategy.

Client Care Runs Deep

In fact, we have an entire living, breathing team of experts standing by to answer any questions and ensure your program provides the best possible results.

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Innovative Tech

This is a big one.

Through powerful, cutting edge digital marketing techniques and software products we can increase your overall Repair Order Count, significantly boost revenue, and effectively bring back inactive customers.

Strong, Dynamic Data

When a customer pulls up into your service lane, it’s not luck. It’s data. And by harnessing it in the exact right way, Affinitiv creates a bridge between you and yet another opportunity to build loyalty, trust and revenue.

We tell your story to the right people, at the exact right time using advanced data segmentation, sophisticated timing and multi-faceted customer tracking.

Pop Quiz:
What do you get when you compile details and insights from our unique OEM partnerships, dealer DMS systems, Google, Facebook and more? A goldmine.

And it’s precise make up is one that only Affinitiv has. That means our intel is the best around and suited to your specific needs.