The Platform

Easy to use and fully interactive, Connectiv1 offers robust, comprehensive solutions connecting you to your customers at each stage of their vehicle journey.

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Omni-Channel Communications

The home to all Affinitiv solutions, Connectiv1 gives you access to everything from digital marketing, direct mail, full owner retention plans and more.

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Customer Profiles

It’s like a window into customer habits and patterns directly relating to your dealership.

When did they last visit? What were their declined services? What type of marketing messages are they most likely to respond to? See it all here and make the most informed decision possible.

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Manage Campaigns

Select campaigns, choose artwork, determine coupons – all with a just a few clicks.

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Advanced Analytics

Connectiv1 provides insights like never before. With up-to-the-minute data and valuable reports, you’ll know what’s working, and what strategy tweaks need to be made.

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