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Leading the Way: The Future of Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World

There was no playbook for how to lead during a pandemic. But that comes with the territory—in order to be a strong leader, it is crucial to keep a keen eye on situations as they unfold while always keeping your mission close to every decision. In 2020, our collective workplaces were filled with new levels […]

Stop Focusing (So Much) on Digital Retailing! Here’s How to Solve Your Dealership’s Pandemic Woes

The wild ride for the automotive industry continues as vehicle production slows down and dealer inventory continues to shrink. The demand had already been rising, pushing new vehicle prices to their highest average sale price in months, finally exceeding $40,000 in April and used vehicle prices rising to a staggering 10%—the largest one-month increase since […]

Affinitiv Automotive Industry Trends Guide: May 2021

Navigate the automotive market through key and developing trends As the industry continues to push through uncharted territory, consumer confidence continues to grow, as did the average sale price, exceeding $40,000 for the first time in 2021. Discover more trends surrounding sales, service, and appointments that are impacting the industry right now. Our May 2021 […]

Building a People Practice During a Pandemic

In a once-in-a-lifetime event, the world experienced a pandemic that would change the course of history. Across all industries, COVID-19 greatly impacted how we work, collaborate, and achieve personal and professional success, and at Affinitiv, these challenges arose while we were simultaneously building a new people practice. Through it all, the A-Team embraced each situation […]

Case Study: Affinitiv Digital Increases Dealer’s Lower Funnel Conversions by 194% with Google’s Performance Max

  A Profile on Ford of Port Richey   Affinitiv Digital partnered with Google to test and develop a Performance Max strategy for our client, Ford of Port Richey. Read the full case study details below.  The Challenge Ford of Port Richey was looking for ways to increase their digitaladvertising market share and grow awareness […]

3 Steps to Start Increasing Front-End Sales

The automotive industry has finally shown the strongest signs of recovery yet from the COVID-19 pandemic, as reported in our April 2021 Automotive Industry Trends Guide. But as we’ve learned in the last year of uncertainty—there’s no room to get comfortable—as we already know there are still new challenges ahead. Front-end sales, or revenue from […]

How Dealers can Source, Sell Vehicles, & Differentiate During the Chip Shortage

No, you’re not experiencing déjà vu. The microchip shortage the world saw in the second quarter of 2020 has resurfaced to wreak repeat havoc on the automotive industry due to overly conservative demand estimates made early last year. Up against rising demands for phones and gadgets due to Americans’ ongoing social-distancing needs, automakers have been ranked low in the line to […]

Affinitiv Automotive Industry Trends Guide: April 2021

Navigate the automotive market through key and developing trends In a promising upswing, new vehicle sales in Q1 have grown 22% year-over-year—just one of the many positive trends impacting the automotive industry right now. Our April 2021 Automotive Industry Trends Guide provides the full outlook. Some key highlights from this edition include: Consumer confidence is […]