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Repurchase Windows Shrink as Vehicle Valuations Continue to Climb

Navigate the automotive market through developing trends As 2021 comes to a close, the industry trends point to incredible resiliency and recovery from 2020. With shrinking repurchase windows and soaring vehicle valuations continuing their steady pace, what’s in store for 2022? Learn more about these developing trends inside our latest report. Some key highlights from this edition include: Average […]

3 Easy Ways to Attract Automotive Consumers Right Now

Level-up Your Automotive Marketing & Consumer Experience Throughout the many changes the industry has seen, walk-ins remain a major source of dealership traffic. This is great for dealerships because it means less time chasing down qualified leads when customers are simply showing up at your door. However, this also means that when walk-ins dry up, […]

Profitability Continues to Climb as Inventory Continues to Dwindle

Navigate the automotive market through developing trends The average new vehicle sale price continues to soar reaching its highest point this year—an incredible 24% increase from last year. Our November 2021 Automotive Industry Trends Guide provides the full outlook. Some key highlights from this edition include: The average number of new vehicle sales slightly increased […]

Speed Up Service Lane Traffic & Build Loyalty (Despite Industry Challenges)

Service Department Tips for Modern-Day Problems The automotive industry today is starting to feel like a modern-day Wild West, so the last thing on your mind at the dealership might be how to optimize your service lane operations—it’s likely focused on powering through. But with a labor shortage, increased competition, longer appointment lead times, and a chip shortage that just won’t quit, it’s worth taking a second look.  While many dealers are enjoying increased profitability from the culmination of current events, their […]

How Apple® iOS 15 Updates Will Impact Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy

iOS 15 Updates Bring Big Changes to Email Marketing As Apple continues to frequently update its mobile operating system (iOS), business marketing plans continue to face unavoidable impact. Earlier this year, Apple’s iOS 14.5 update included significant changes to establish more privacy, giving users App Tracking Transparency (ATT) which prompts them to allow or deny tracking by individual apps.   The iOS 15 update is continuing Apple’s plans to advance privacy protection, this time tackling email. To provide more clarity and transparency around the latest iOS update, we’ll walk you through what […]

Inventory Issues Spread to Used Vehicles

Navigate the automotive market through developing trends Used vehicle prices have reached an all-time high—increasing by 28% since January—as inventory issues spread to used vehicles. Our October 2021 Automotive Industry Trends Guide provides the full outlook. Some key highlights from this edition include: Interest rates for vehicle loans remain low The average sale price grew […]

Socialize Your Story & Bring Talent to Your Dealership’s Door

Modernize Your Method for Filling Roles in the BDC, Sales Floor, Service Department, and More More than likely, your dealership is struggling to fill key roles in multiple positions. While staffing fluctuation isn’t necessarily unique to dealers, the sheer volume of roles to be filled and competition for talent is currently presenting some of the most unique staffing challenges in recent history.   The Great Resignation, a term coined […]

Affinitiv White Paper: EVolution Part 1

Bracing for Impact: Readying Dealerships for an Electric Future Electric vehicles are beginning to change the automotive market as we know it. And while dealer profitability is seemingly at risk due to fewer service visits, the impact of waiting too long to embrace EVs will likely inhibit revenue growth and alienate customers in the long run. […]