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Starting an Auto Repair Loyalty Program: A Reference Guide

From dealers to manufacturers to parts companies, automotive businesses worldwide are exploring new tactics to boost revenue in an increasingly volatile and unpredictable market. One of these strategies for dealerships is an auto repair loyalty program designed to enhance customer retention and lifetime value, transforming customers into long-term brand ambassadors.  However, not all dealers know […]

5 Auto Repair Marketing Ideas to Keep Customers Coming Back

Dealers need new and innovative auto repair marketing ideas to expand their businesses to attract and retain customers in the highly-competitive auto industry. Customers expect companies of all types to meet them where they are, be that online or in person at physical store locations.   These evolving consumer expectations mean that dealers need to implement […]

8 Reasons to Offer Dealership Pickup and Delivery Services

Retail customers are busy. Working parents, young professionals, and even retirees with active lifestyles have limited free hours for extra chores. These extracurriculars include car-related appointments, particularly those that require commutes to and from service appointments.  Packed schedules make these time commitments difficult and, as a result, prompt these customers to expect more from their […]

How to Turn Website Visitors into Leads: 5 Strategies

Website traffic is critical for customer acquisition. The more visitors who explore a dealership’s online content, services, and inventory pages, the more likely the dealer will earn more business.   However, traffic alone is not enough, and it will eventually become a useless statistic if dealers do not capture the information necessary to turn website visitors […]

How to Improve Automotive Service Departments and Drive More Revenue

Car owners are holding on to their vehicles longer than ever before, meaning that a dealership’s Service Department should become an increasingly significant revenue generator.   However, boosting fixed ops profitability in an ever-changing, fast-paced industry requires a mix of digital solutions and innovative incentives to retain customers. As such, dealers must rethink how to improve […]

5 Reasons to Offer the Best Car Dealership Customer Service

A positive car dealership customer service experience is becoming increasingly important in a saturated market, from industry giants to smaller, local shops. Business competition continues to grow, and dealers must allocate much of their time and resources to improving customer experiences to cultivate long-term relationships and generate referrals.   However, not all dealers address the need […]

EV Sales Strategies to Boost Inventory Turnover

With total electric commitments coming as soon as 2035, the future of transportation is quickly changing, posing unfamiliar problems for dealerships and their customers.   While many consumers consider purchasing an electric vehicle, the auto industry still struggles to persuade them to commit. Dealers must establish a new set of EV sales strategies to help convince […]

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Auto Industry

Finding ways to improve customer satisfaction in the auto industry is critical to keeping pace in an ultra-competitive market. Would-be customers have several dealerships from which to choose, and they can quickly jump from one to the next if they are not receiving the service they expect.   However, not all dealerships employ strategies to boost […]