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Side-by-side specs. Ride-by-ride comparisons.

With vehicles generally considered the second-largest purchase for most consumers, the transaction will likely involve extensive thought, time, and research. Since every customer wants to make the right choice, a quote on a potential upgrade can often be followed by this question: “How is this vehicle better than my current one?” And thanks to a […]

Add a personal touch to your handouts.

Quote™ handouts are a great way to drive new vehicle sales from the service lane. Every handout includes upgrade details personalized to the individual customer and actively encourages them to trade up. And now, Quote handouts can do even more for your store through a uniquely personalized marketing banner. The marketing banner is included in […]

Instantly email quotes to customers in equity.

Encourage your customers to trade in their vehicle for a new one with our latest instant email feature in AutoLoop Quote™. With this new update, you can now instantly email a customer’s equity quote to them in an attractive pre-designed email. No campaign, no printing, no waiting: with just a few clicks in the Customer […]

AutoLoop MPI™: 3 new features to save you time.

Details matter, particularly during inspections. Without a doubt, thoroughness and accuracy are the keys to driving ROs and powering profitability. However, the ability to access those details quickly and easily is just as important. With multiple components and people constantly involved in the service process, organizing data for maximum efficiency is crucial. And now, it’s […]

Introducing quick-select menus in AutoLoop MPI™.

Even the most in-sync service team is going to do things slightly differently—including recommending services. But with the new quick-select menus within AutoLoop MPI™, those little differences in recommendations are no longer. Add consistent recommendations to AutoLoop MPI. The new quick-select menu feature allows technicians to select services from a dropdown menu while they’re going […]

Secure more service revenue with Confident Financial Solutions.

Research indicates that millennials show more than ten times greater demand for financing options than previous generations. So, you’re potentially leaving significant money on the table by not having financing options for service repairs. That’s where Confident Financial Solutions comes in. What does CFS cover? CFS provides customers with financing options for both necessary and […]

Feature Spotlight: E-Signature in Mobile XRM™

Want to give your sales team the opportunity to uncover customer objections to the sale sooner? Simply open the Mobile XRM™ app and ask customers to sign using the e-signature feature. When customers clam up at the thought of committing, you can overcome their concerns and nail down the deal that works for them. Plus, […]