Why Partner With Us?

We are 100% Automotive – we understand the industry better than any other agency.

Not only do we understand DIGITAL advertising, we understand DEALER advertising.

Our low funnel sales approach focuses heavily on keywords that convert – saving dealerships money and extending their reach.

Software CANNOT replace people – our Digital Account Executives provide one-on-one attention and expertise to manage every detail of the campaign.

Campaigns are strategically built starting with dealer sales data and tailored to the location's needs.

Our dealers are our partners. If they don't succeed, neither do we.

Why Should You Choose

Affinitiv Digital?

Affinitiv Digital is powered by Dygen, one of the first digital agencies to do custom paid search. We offer a fully integrated digital advertising platform made exclusively for the automotive retail business. Through award—winning creative backed by industry-leading technology, we produce powerful and effective online campaigns that give your dealership the edge over the competition.

What Does Affinitiv Digital

do for you?

We build online campaigns tailored to your dealership. We don't use a templated, cookie-cutter approach, or set and forget strategy. Everything we do is built specifically for you. We use your dealership data to implement SEO and SEM campaigns that direct your customers to the right place. Through Social and Video PreRoll, we engage customers and get them into your dealership. All campaigns are built from the ground up and actively monitored to ensure maximum exposure to your consumer base.