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Drive sold-to-service converts.

Almost half of a dealership’s sales customers never return for their first service appointment – that’s a hefty chunk of a dealer’s lifetime service potential! What causes this pattern in car buyers, and how can you channel more of them from your showroom to your service lane? AutoLoop surveyed over 500 dealers and 1,000 of […]

A better service experience starts with transparency

Your customers have a wealth of options when it comes time for vehicle maintenance—and many of those options don’t include visiting a dealership. Although aftermarket service centers may offer the perks customers want, such as lower prices and convenient locations, over 80% say they’re willing to spend more for a better customer experience.

How to speed up service transaction time

When you buy something online, checkout can take mere seconds. And chances are good that your credit card was saved from previous transactions, meaning you just have to click the checkout button and your order is submitted. At the grocery store, checkout takes maybe a few minutes—if you have to insert your card and wait for a receipt. So it comes as no surprise that customers expect this level of expediency in all transactions.

Bring more unsolds back to your showroom

Following up with a customer is important – sometimes crucial – to landing the sale. That’s why XRM seamlessly integrates with AutoLoop Engage™. Our strategic inbound call center solution for sales and service, Engage enables you to go beyond follow-ups to create meaningful connections with your customers and more profit dollars for you. Think about […]

5 Ways to Modernize Your Owner Retention Program (ORP)

Most dealers have been using an owner retention program (ORP) for years. Sometimes referred to as a service connection program or trigger-based communications, the goal is to stay in touch with sold customers, bring them back for service and continue servicing them until they’re ready to buy again. These messages are a great way to […]

More trades and higher sales start with a smarter appraisal process

As of mid-year 2018, used vehicle sales by new vehicle dealerships had exceeded $750M, according to NADA. The average dealership picked up a fraction of this amount—$9.6M, to be precise. Industry leader CarMax sold 721,512 used vehicles, taking home $14.3B in sales during its fiscal 2018 year. An added 409,000 vehicles were sold at CarMax wholesale auctions.

Coupons: what to consider

Whether coupons are right for your store is a question only you can answer. Whatever you decide is right for your Service Department, there are a variety of ways you can draw customers to your store that will enhance their experience and drive more business.