Affinitiv Announces Rebranding of Caldwell & Kerr Advertising to Affinitiv Advertising

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Reflects its unique opportunity in the automotive marketplace

Chicago, IL | February 4, 2021Affinitiv, the leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions to the automotive market, announces today the rebranding of Caldwell & Kerr Advertising to Affinitiv Advertising. Caldwell & Kerr Advertising, a full-service digital agency focusing on the automotive industry, has been part of Affinitiv since its acquisition in 2018 and now has rebranded the company name and logo to Affinitiv Advertising to match its parent company.

Affinitiv Advertising offers 20 years of experience with retail automotive marketing and advertising. The agency represents over 300 automotive dealerships nationwide, including large dealer groups included in the Fortune 500 and Automotive News Top 125. Affinitiv Advertising is the original TraDigital Agency™ that combines cross-media optimization strategies, digital television, and award-winning design and production services. The agency has a 98% client retention rate year after year and will continue maximizing leads to capture new audiences and deliver strong results.

“This is a major milestone for the agency and a unique opportunity for Affinitiv to expand and collaborate across our full suite of powerful solutions to the rest of the Affinitiv customer base,” said Tom Kerr, Executive Vice President of Operations of Affinitiv Advertising. “The rename and the rebranding of Affinitiv Advertising represents a significant step towards solidifying our stance and direction in the marketplace.”

The rebranding of Affinitiv Advertising will further enable the company to stand out amongst its competitors with a new logo, positioning, and website to be more aligned with the Affinitiv brand. The rebranded logo incorporates the Affinitiv logo while emphasizing its digital advertising roots. Affinitiv Advertising’s clients and partners have been an essential part of the rebranding process, and now customers have the opportunity to utilize Affinitiv platforms as well.

“The rebranding of Affinitiv Advertising reflects Affinitiv’s vision of creating customers for life through reimagined experiences,” said Sid Nair, President, and CEO of Affinitiv. “We are proud to be able to stand out from our competitors by providing advertising services and expertise as part of Affinitiv’s offering. We are now able to fully leverage Affinitiv Advertising’s capabilities to our existing customer base of 6500+ dealerships with social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, pre-roll video, email marketing, and digital television.”

About Affinitiv

Affinitiv is a leading provider of data-driven marketing and software solutions serving automotive manufacturers (OEMs), dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Backed by more than 20 years of automotive and marketing expertise, Affinitiv supports over 6,500 dealerships and every major OEM in the country. Affinitiv’s success drives the next generation customer experience by partnering with the automotive ecosystem to accelerate retailer performance and inspire loyalty. With a technology-driven, consultative approach, Affinitiv creates customers for life through reimagined experiences. For more information, visit  

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