Introducing: Affinitiv’s New Mission & Vision Statements

Culture | December 8, 2020

Author: Sid Nair, CEO

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It is with great pleasure that I am ready to share our newly-launched mission and vision statements for AffinitivOf significant importance, these statements were created from the ground up with much consideration and collaboration across Affinitiv teamsFrom the smallest one-person operation to the largest corporation, having a strong mission and vision helps provide purpose in all that you and your employees do. Because of this, the mission and vision statements were integral to Affinitiv’s strategy. They are a critical step in helping us define our future goals and operational tactics.  

As we complete our integration of seven different companies that have come together to create #OneAffinitiv, it is clear that our mission and vision statements are helping direct the organizational strategy. We’ve built a management system to run Affinitiv, and our mission and vision statements have helped us outline performance standards and metrics based on the goals we wish to achieve. It is also important to note that we now have much clearer direction for our associates on their specific goals to attain, promoting efficiency and productivity. 

Our Mission

Drive the next generation customer experience by partnering with the automotive ecosystem to accelerate retailer performance and inspire loyalty 

Our Vision 

Create customers for life through reimagined experiences 

In my experience, I have found that mission and vision statements aren’t exclusively beneficial to the employees and business owners when it comes to organizational strategy. They also apply to external stakeholders – our customers, partners, and suppliers. In addition, the mission and vision statements can be used as a public relations tool to attract media attention, engage specific audience segments, and develop business partnerships with like-minded companies. Having successfully done this in previous organizations, I am looking forward to executing a similar approach for Affinitiv. 

Businesses often make or rewrite their strategic plans when the organizational structure is changing, or in response to changing market conditions. Change can be difficult, and employees sometimes require time to adapt to the decision-making process. One tool that has served me very well is the clear articulation of the company’s mission and vision statement. Articulating and repeating the positives behind the move toward change in the organization will help employees stay engaged and motivated in the process. 

When everyone in your company not only knows what the mission says, but wholeheartedly believes in it, they can be key advocates to promote your company, build respect within your industry, and help steer your organization to that designated destination that is stated in your vision. And that is where we are heading! 

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