Affinitiv Digital & Google Case Study: Google Discovery Ads

Digital Media | October 23, 2020

Author: Affinitiv

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A Profile on Toyota of Tampa Bay

The Challenge

The Automotive industry was hit hard in March when COVID-19 was reaching its peak in America. With many consumers spending increased amounts of time at home, Toyota of Tampa Bay saw this as a great time to invest in Social Media as they saw more leads and lower cost per acquisition compared to Display on Google. Affinitiv Digital sought out to reduce their cost per acquisition.  

Our Solution

Affinitiv Digital partnered with Google to test Discovery Ads because the product has similar reach to Facebook’s app suite and could use the same creatives which would allow for seamless implementation. Discovery Ads were bundled with the lead form extension beta since the dealership stated that leads were their primary measure of success. 


  • Remarketing  
  • Customer Match 


  • Discovery Ads (including tCPA bidding) 
  • Lead form extensions 


  • Conversion tracking for Display 

Proven Results

Toyota of Tampa Bay saw major uplift in the KPIs they most valued. They immediately saw a 795% increase in Display conversions, 14% decrease in CPA compared to their overall account, and 35% increase in CTR. 

Overall Impact: 

  • +795% increase in Display Conversions 

  • +35% increase in CTR 

  • -14% decrease in Cost per Lead 

  • +149% increase in Clicks 

To learn more about these findings, please watch the Affinitiv Digital & Google: Lead Drivers for Automotive Webinar.

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