Affinitiv Releases Free eBook for Auto Dealers: Turbocharge Your Owner Retention Program (ORP) Marketing

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Affinitiv Releases Free eBook for Auto Dealers:

Turbocharge Your Owner Retention Program (ORP) Marketing

 eBook shares 9 marketing campaign strategies proven to increase customer loyalty and service revenue 

 Chicago, IL—June 3, 2019— Affinitiv, the retail auto industry’s leading marketing technology provider, today announced the release of a free eBook for auto dealers: Turbocharge Your Owner Retention Program (ORP) Marketing. The eBook reveals the most effective way to measure ORP marketing results and shares nine marketing campaign strategies proven to maximize results from manufacturer ORPs.

“Most dealers do some if not all of their service marketing with their manufacturer ORP, but results from these programs can be all over the board, depending on the chosen vendor, channel strategies and messaging,” said Scot Eisenfelder, CEO of Affinitiv. “The fact is many dealers underinvest in service marketing even though front-end profit margins are shrinking and customer retention is more important than ever.”

“This eBook helps dealers assess the effectiveness of their ORP and gives them actionable strategies so they can improve results,” said Courtney Evans, VP of Product for Affinitiv. “If you’re interested in learning what other dealers are doing to increase their service business, this eBook will help you identify and fix the weak areas in your own service marketing strategy.”

Many dealerships use a cookie-cutter approach to their ORPs, limiting customer communications to direct mail and email campaigns. The eBook stresses the importance of using on omnichannel approach to greatly increase frequency, reach and response rates.

The eBook also features four case studies of dealerships that improved ORP results with customized marketing strategies. Each dealership had a different and distinct goal, from increasing parts revenue to improving online presence, filling new service bays and re-engaging lapsed customers. The dealerships attained these goals using their ORP, optimized with campaign strategies that leveraged their customer data and third-party data to deliver targeted messages and offers.

Dealers who want to elevate their ORP from a marketing tool to a relationship-building tool can learn proven strategies in this free eBook.

To download, click on this link: Turbocharge Your Owner Retention Program (ORP) Marketing. For more information, visit

About Affinitiv:


Affinitiv is a leading marketing technology company serving a dozen automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and more than 5,500 franchise dealerships. Through a consultative approach, Affinitiv enables dealerships to produce, manage, measure and optimize omni-channel communications to drive brand loyalty and increase revenue.

Affinitiv’s digital and analytic capabilities support a consistent customer experience through the entire ownership lifecycle. They make it easy for auto dealerships to leverage data and target customers with the right message at the right time on the right communication channel. In addition, their Connectiv1 Platform is designed to provide a 360° view of customer, vehicle, dealership and marketing campaign effectiveness all in one place. Affinitiv was formed in 2016 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

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