Affinitiv Case Study: Owner Retention & eCampaign

Marketing | March 5, 2019

Author: Affinitiv

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A profile of Performance King Honda

The Challenge

Based in Cincinnati, OH, Performance King Honda is well-positioned to take advantage of its location in an affluent zip code. Business has been good, and the dealership is currently expanding its service center from the current 19-bay facility to a new, 36-bay facility.

To fill the new bays, Service Manager Ash Mall is tasked with expanding his customer base and frequency of visits from active customers. His first goal was to re-activate his base and frequency of visits from active customers. His second goal was to re-activate his lapsed customers, defined as those who had not been in for more than 12 months.

However, in 2017 Mall didn’t feel like the store’s service marketing provider was effective. After discovering that the agency had sent out 900 mailers to customers who didn’t exist or had moved, Mall decided it was time for a change.

Our Solution

Another dealer recommended that Mall try Affinitiv, so he met with his new Business Development Manager and began the ‘Retain’ Owner Retention program in January 2018. This solution uses an omni-channel approach, delivering messages across multiple platforms when and where consumers are most likely to see them.

From January through July, Affinitiv sent out 1,126 overdue maintenance mailers to lapsed customers.

In the same period, he also enrolled in eCampaign, which sent 195,471 targeted emails and 7,892 text messages to Performance King Honda’s active customer database. These campaigns were customized which dealership messaging as well as spring, summer, and holiday special service offers.

Proven Results

Since beginning both programs, Performance King Honda is reaching their goals.

3.84% Increase in Repair Order Count

$469,228 Additional Warranty Revenue

331 New Car Sales

$14,868 In Customer Pay Revenue from Lapsed Customers

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