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The Challenge

In may 2018, Dena Gates accepted a position as Parts & Service Director at Lejeune Honda in Jacksonville, NC. At the time, the dealerships service revenue was down and its reputation was less than optimal, with long customer wait times and a history of large mark-ups that eroded customer trust. Additionally, the express service lane was out of service and two lifts in the back had never been touched.

Gates’ first priorities were to add staff, streamline processes and increase revenue. To accomplish the latter, she knew she had to rebuild trust with current and past customers, as well as find new customers. The dealership’s current service marketing provider was not providing the results Gates wanted, so she turned to Affinitiv.

Our Solution

In her previous position, Gates had worked with Affinitiv and was very happy with them. Shortly after joining Lejeune Honda, Gates signed up for Affinitiv’s Connectiv Customer Program, starting out at the ‘Grow’ Level.

The solution provides the same loyalty marketing services as a basic level owner retention program (ORP), along with two optional, upgraded levels that include more digital marketing channels.

The ‘Grow’ Program includes typical ORP-style communications such as service maintenance and past due maintenance reminders. In addition, the dealership benefits from Social Roots 1:1TM Facebook & Instagram advertising, as well as a variety of email marketing campaigns.

Proven Results

In the six months since joining Lejeune Honda, Gates’ leadership skills and the Affinitiv ‘Grow’ Program have generated the following results:

  • 29% YOY Increase in Service Revenue
  • 52% YOY Increase in Parts Revenue
  • 3.9% YOY Increase in Repair Order Count

As for next steps? Affinitiv and Gates will discuss if Lejeune Honda could build further success with the ‘Maximize’ Level of the Connectiv Customer Program.

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