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Finding issues on vehicles during multi-point inspections certainly isn’t uncommon. While every customer would obviously like a quick service visit and clean automotive bill of health, the job of the technicians is, after all, to detect and correct any potential vehicle problems during the visit.

Often, however, finding the issues is the easy part. The real difficulty occurs later while the advisor is trying to describe the problem areas to the customer and make recommendations based on those findings. With many customers already wary of the process when they arrive in your service lane, explaining a problem clearly and getting the necessary approval for repairs can sometimes take almost as long as the actual service. That’s why we’ve added a customizable word tracks feature to open inspections in AutoLoop MPI™.

New: easier conversations about inspections
The latest update in AutoLoop MPI™ equips your staff with a customizable word track tool to simplify your service explanations. Because for any number of reasons, service advisors may not be entirely comfortable explaining inspection results to customers. This could be because the advisor is new, they’re breaking bad news to a customer, or they’re uncomfortable upselling service or parts. Word tracks help ease the explanation process by effectively giving advisors a script to follow.

Here is an example of the default word track:
“Hello, Mr. Smith, this is Dan from Hometown Motors, I have the results of your vehicle’s multi-point inspection. Is this a good time to share them with you?”

(Wait for customer response)


“I’ve emailed you a link to view the results. Is it convenient for you to open up that email as we talk?”

(Wait for customer response)

“Excellent, I’ll wait while you do that.”

“As you can see, it’s quite a comprehensive inspection. I’d like to go over all the results with you and then give you an opportunity to ask me any questions. Let’s start here…”

Simple, customizable scripts
Word tracks are accessible from within the MPI application. Clicking the button that displays for an open inspection will open a pop-up window that can be pre-populated with default suggestions. However, the word track can be customized by each individual dealership to highlight special offers such as new facilities, unique services, or ongoing promotions.

It may be particularly helpful to develop word tracks explaining complicated repairs or describing the possible issues with declining service suggestions. While a repair may seem expensive, fixing it now can prevent a larger repair from being needed in the future. And providing your customers with consistent, professional communication can go a long way toward increasing their trust in your business and increasing services sold.

AutoLoop MPI consistently works to streamline every process in your service lane, even down to helping service advisors break the ice while presenting a customer’s inspection results. For more information or for assistance creating your own word tracks, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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