Using the MPI Parts Pricing Matrix

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AutoLoop is excited to announce a new feature: MPI Parts Pricing Matrix. This feature lets dealerships set percentage mark ups or mark downs on parts based on MSRP pricing. This is available for dealers using our MOTOR parts data. No more part-by-part pricing adjustments on every RO. MPI Parts Pricing Matrix will help smooth operations in your parts department, saving you time and money.

Based on the price range of the part, dealerships can adjust the percent increase or decrease. Your dealership can also set pricing for a certain part number and add as many lines as needed to allow for better price ranges.

Take brake pricing as an example. When MOTOR data is used, say the brake price displays as $44.99.  Your dealership could set a baseline 25% markup on parts—meaning that brake pricing would now show as $56.24 (rounded up). Or, if your dealership had set a 25% discount on parts, the brake would display as $33.74. When the base price of a part changes, the correct pricing with the markup or discount will reflect the new price.

For the second feature, let’s say your dealership sets the price of part #104-578-41 as $74.99. Once the call is made, the price will display as $74.99. This overrides the price range percentage defined in Parts Pricing—so part #104-578-41 will only display $74.99, because part number pricing takes priority over Parts Pricing.

With these two new features, you won’t have to adjust pricing individually for parts anymore. The MPI Parts Pricing Matrix will help your service lane run more smoothly, saving you time and money while increasing your revenue.

For more information about the MPI Parts Pricing Matrix, please contact your Performance Manager.

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