Introducing quick-select menus in AutoLoop MPI™.

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Even the most in-sync service team is going to do things slightly differently—including recommending services. But with the new quick-select menus within AutoLoop MPI™, those little differences in recommendations are no longer.

Add consistent recommendations to AutoLoop MPI.

The new quick-select menu feature allows technicians to select services from a dropdown menu while they’re going through the inspection. For example, by clicking the plus sign next to “Brakes” to expand the selection, and “Quick Select” to open the drop-down, technicians can view all common services related to that inspection item. Then, they can select exactly the service they recommend.

Not only does this mean that the technician performing the inspection saves time, but it ensures accuracy of the recommendations and pricing being presented to the customer. Across all your service staff, this will save valuable time and help minimize confusion.

As one of the most common services performed, the MPI is a cornerstone of the Service Department. And with this new improvement to efficiency, the new quick-select menu feature will have far-reaching effects to your dealership’s success. For more information on this new feature, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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