AutoLoop MPI™: 3 new features to save you time.

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Details matter, particularly during inspections. Without a doubt, thoroughness and accuracy are the keys to driving ROs and powering profitability. However, the ability to access those details quickly and easily is just as important. With multiple components and people constantly involved in the service process, organizing data for maximum efficiency is crucial. And now, it’s also easier, thanks to the latest updates in AutoLoop MPI™.

Save steps to see important info.

Get the details you need right away by setting MPI as your home page. After you log in, you can go directly to MPI and see all your data instantly at a glance. And once you make the Ledger your home page, make it even more user-friendly by using the system’s filters to create your own personal view.  Since these filters automatically save for you, re-entering them each time is not needed.

Save more time with instant, customized updates.

MPI also eliminates costly wait times at every stage of the workflow via convenient updates that tell users when a step is ready for their completion — and they’re notified in the way they prefer to ensure the quickest response times. You can easily customize these notifications for maximum efficiency:

  • Go to Settings → Dealership Settings → Inspection Status.
  • Click Edit next to the notifications you want to receive.
  • Check the boxes for the notification types you want to deliver.
  • Then, check the boxes to specify whom you want to receive the notifications.
  • Select the delay time: this setting will determine how long you want browser notifications to remain on the screen. Set it to “0” to have notifications remain until addressed, or set a value between 1 and 20 to have the notification stay on the screen for up to 20 seconds.
  • Click Save.

For assistance editing these settings, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

Personalize, prioritize, customize, and colorize.

Finally, MPI lets users see the highest priorities at any given time — at a glance — with designated colors for wait times on inspection items. Colors are totally customizable, depending on user preference, and easily created in a few simple steps:

  • Go to Settings → Dealership Settings → Inspection Status.
  • Click the Edit button (above the Delete button) on the far right.
  • In the adjacent “Warning Alert” and “Danger Alert” columns on the left, next to the areas denoting time, little boxes open with editable fields.
  • Click on either box to bring up the color palette for that time interval.
  • Choose your desired color: your choice automatically updates in that box.
  • Click Save.

For assistance editing these settings, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

AutoLoop MPI’s new timesavers help improve efficiency at every step to increase profitability at every point. If you’d like to set MPI as your home page, or you need assistance with setting filters or utilizing the other customization filters in MPI, please contact your Performance Manager today.

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