Success Spotlight: How Fisher Honda is Winning with Call Center™

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The service team at Fisher Honda is committed to making every customer their number one priority. With 150 or more phone calls coming in to the Service Department on a typical busy day, Service Manager Harry Snyder knows that it can be tough for advisors to catch every call on top of their day-to-day tasks. To provide a stellar experience for every customer, maintain a positive dealership reputation, and book more service appointments, Fisher Honda added the Call Center team to their toolset to ensure no customer concerns fall through the cracks.

“Before we brought on Call Center to handle inbound service calls, we had an in-house warranty coordinator that also answered calls,” said Harry. And she alone would answer nearly half of the incoming calls. Now, Call Center allows their team to maximize their efficiency with full call center support. “We know that every call will get answered,” said Harry.

The dedicated support provided to Fisher Honda customers doesn’t stop there – Harry and his team receive timely support from the Call Center team whenever they need it. “[Call Center is] one of the best vendors I’ve ever dealt with in that regard,” said Harry. No matter the issue or concern, Harry said, “Those guys are on top of it immediately – with same-day or next business day response time.”

In order to keep up in a busy industry, the ability to customize call scripts to your dealership’s specific needs is critical – and Call Center adds that personal touch to each interaction, as well. “We do not schedule oil changes, for example, and Call Center works with those needs,” said Harry. “They are incredibly supportive of coaching their team.”

Helping dealers like Fisher Honda provide a better customer experience and drive higher profit is only part of what Call Center does. For more information about how Call Center can work for your store, or to share your own success story, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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