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It’s no secret that dealers see escalated tire sales in the last two months of the year. This makes it an ideal time to drive profit even further with strategic new tire campaigns. Based on internal data tracking yearly sales, we’ve discovered a large increase in tire demand for November and December. Increasing to nearly 21% of all December ROs for luxury, and 17% for import and domestic dealerships, this spike in tire sales and installations is a great opportunity to boost revenue for your service department. Take advantage of this interest with campaigns specifically designed to highlight tires. With several different tire-specific templates, you have the tools at your disposal to send high-quality campaigns to customers already in the market for purchasing tires.

Timing is Everything: Request Your Campaigns Now

Start the season by showing customers why seasonal tires make a difference on their vehicle, and remind them of all the safety advantages before they get on the road. Help them start their vacations with more peace of mind by offering complimentary oil changes, multi-point inspections or car washes to further drive the sale.

You can also feature personalized, limited-time specials, or use the extensive data in AutoLoop Essentials to create incentives and initiate promotions based on an individual’s prior activity. And by consistently reminding customers of your technicians’ expertise – and their exclusive use of genuine OEM parts – on each communication, you’ll reinforce the expectation of premium care for their vehicle in your service lane.

Identify, Target, Increase

By using AutoLoop predictive modeling, you can identify and pursue the top 50% of customers who are likely to buy tires in the next 30 days, a function already available in List Builder. This way, you can optimize your tire campaigns to target only the very best customers.

To maximize your response rates, you can work with your Performance Manager to identify the customers most likely to purchase tires. Then, you can easily target that segment with the most relevant and strategic messaging. With the combination of a seasonal sales spike and AutoLoop Essentials’ comprehensive capabilities, you have multiple possibilities for peak profit on tires for all OEM brands during the winter months ahead.

Need help creating or optimizing a new tire campaign? For more information on specific campaigns or on using AutoLoop Essentials in your store, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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