New: detailed deal info in the Sales and Usage Report.

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Keeping track of all the factors that contribute to every sale is important for many reasons. For one, without knowing what works and what doesn’t, it’s incredibly difficult to build and maintain an effective strategy to continue growing your business. That’s why AutoLoop Quote™ now ensures that each of the main components that help close a deal are recorded—and reflected in detailed reporting.

A more robust view of campaigns with the Sales and Usage report

With this update, the Sales and Usage report generated through Quote instantly shows you exactly which quote notification is responsible for driving a specific sale. Previously, the system simply looked at the last quote communication recorded before a deal goes through. While accurate, such a focused perspective doesn’t factor in simultaneous efforts by the salesperson in the days or weeks prior. Any handouts downloaded, relevant notes logged, or other initiatives aren’t reflected in reports—only the specific trigger or campaign sent out just prior to purchase. As a result, the sale is attributed solely to that particular notification rather than also including any key material the salesperson may have generated.

Combined info for more comprehensive results

The newest Quote update helps paint a much more complete picture. Now, all salesperson-initiated communications are attributed first for reporting purposes. If no activity from the sales staff has taken place before a trigger or campaign is sent out, then the resulting deal is attributed to the system-generated communication. However, previous work between staff and customer is now automatically noted and the salesperson is recorded as the main source of the sale.

Communications now included in attributions

Included in the new attributions feature are the materials most commonly generated by salespeople prior to a sale: handouts, lead sheets, notes, and manual CRM exports. By incorporating these crucial components, the Sales and Usage Report will provide a more accurate portrayal of ALL the elements involved in driving a sale, as well as a clearer roadmap to more sales down the road.

For questions about Quote or help implementing the Quote attributions update in your store, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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