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Using soft credit pulls to drive the most accurate conquest quotes for in-service customers just became easier than ever with the latest update in AutoLoop Quote™. Rather than manually generating a soft credit pull for every service customer for whom you don’t have financial data, you can now simply turn on the new Quote feature and have credit pulls automatically performed through 700Credit when customers arrive for service.

Providing options, driving possibilities

Of course, Quote still offers the option of generating your conquest quotes based on a service-only customer’s estimated monthly payment. But since that figure is based on current market trends and estimated vehicle mileage, Quote gives you an alternative that replaces that estimated data with accurate vehicle payoff details through a soft credit pull. Armed with this data, soft credit pulls instantly take the guesswork and estimation out of the equation to significantly increase the appeal of your offers. And now, Quote saves you added time by automating those pulls.

The how-tos and to-dos

By default, this new feature is disabled, meaning the in-service watcher will bypass the functionality.

When “Enable Automated In-Service Credit Pulls” is enabled, each pull is then preceded by specific preliminary checks, for instance, seeing if the customer has a non-expired existing report (if so, you should skip the credit pull).

Other checks include:

  • Confirming that the trade vehicle age is within the range specified in the settings (if those settings have been configured). Pulls shouldn’t be performed on any vehicles outside that range.
  • Making sure the maximum number of credit pulls for the day—or for the month—has not yet been reached. If it has, the system notifies you through the new alerts. For your convenience, the monthly max automatically resets on the first of each month.

Once the preliminary checks pass, the credit pull is performed through 700Credit and logged appropriately. If valid matching payment information is returned, this data is saved, and a new quote is instantly generated. This ensures an updated offer is ready by the time you click to view the customer.

Less time, more precision

With more automation at each step, Quote saves you and your customers time—and provides the option for soft credit pulls to ensure the highest level of accuracy for the most compelling offers. To enable this feature in your store or to learn about other advantages in AutoLoop Quote, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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