CDK users: dispatch codes can now be assigned to opcodes.

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If your dealership is currently using the CDK DMS, you now have another feature at your disposal: you can save time and better organize booked appointments by assigning a dispatch code to a specific opcode during opcode normalization.

But first, a code refresher course

Given all the codes that currently exist in a dealership, it’s important to eliminate any possible code confusion. While dispatch codes tell the system where a job or service should be assigned, opcodes represent the actual job or service being performed. Opcode normalization is the process of automatically converting entries to the correct, pre-determined opcode: for instance, recognizing “f tire” as “front tire,” depending on how the opcodes were originally set up.

Opcodes are normalized according to dealer preference, which means they generally vary from dealership to dealership. Once the designations are set up, they’re then automatically updated as needed. And with the latest feature, the associated dispatch codes can also get pushed over to their corresponding codes in all writes for all tools and sources.

No code? No problem

If a dispatch code hasn’t yet been defined for a normalized opcode, the system simply uses the default “make” code described in the settings. However, assigning specific dispatch codes to specific opcodes can streamline the appointment process both by saving time during booking and by ensuring that each appointment is routed to the correct service team.

For questions on how to assign dispatch codes to your opcodes within the CDK DMS, please reach out to your Performance Manager for assistance.

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