Dashboard Feature Spotlight: Forward Action Button.

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The newly redesigned and fully interactive XRM dashboard offers you more flexibility than ever to organize the data you need to maximize your workday, and we’re excited to dive into some of the functionality that you can put to work now.

One of the fantastic features of this new dashboard experience is the Forward Action Button, or FAB. This yellow button at the bottom right corner of your dashboard reveals a variety of time-saving options to help you get more out your dashboard.

The Refresh option at the top of the list allows you to pull the most up-to-date data into your widgets.

If you’ve made any adjustments to the dashboard currently open, such as moving or resizing your widgets, click Save Dashboard to keep your changes.

Want to clone your dashboard for another staff member or department to use? Click Edit Dashboard to open the Manage Dashboard window. From the New tab, select the dashboard you’d like to duplicate and click Next. Give the newly cloned dashboard a name, choose if you’d like to set it as the default dashboard, and click OK. Whoops – selected the wrong dashboard to clone? Click Prev to go back. You can also select a Blank dashboard to start fresh.

From this same window, you can manage your dashboards from the Edit tab. Select a dashboard and click the yellow Set Default button at the bottom left of the window to enable that action. Or, click the red Delete button if the dashboard is no longer needed.

Ready to add more productivity to your dashboard? Click Add Widgets to access the wide selection of responsive widgets available. The tabs across the top of this window sort the widgets into categories so you can find what you need quickly: Corporate, Miscellaneous, Research Charts, Sales Charts, Sales Lists, Service Lists, and Trade-in Valet®. Select as many or as few widgets as you need from the various tabs, and then click OK.

Take your workday to the next level with these features that help you get the most out of your XRM experience. To learn more about the new dashboard features, or for any other questions regarding XRM, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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