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Explore all customer activity from the AutoLoop Quote™ customer portal and drill down into exact details with the new Customer Portal Activity Report! With this convenient new reporting functionality, you can now view all portal activity history details in three different areas in Quote.

First, a recap: the Quote customer portal page

Personalized to each individual user, the Quote customer portal is a microsite that incorporates customer history, current payment information, and more. Accessible via any Quote email communication the customer receives, this tool allows them to safely explore all their best options. In addition, they can view, change, or browse additional trade-up choices.

The Customer Portal Activity Report

Easily accessed from the Reports drop-down menu in Quote, the new Customer Portal Activity Report shows you a list of all customers who have interacted with the Quote customer portal page, as well as when those interactions took place. By default, the report displays the last seven days; however, the date range can be manually changed as needed. You’ll also see the Activity Type, Customer Name, Assigned Salesperson, Date, and whether or not the customer has been contacted since the portal activity occurred (to determine Contacted status, only Notes are considered). You can export the report or schedule it to recur, as needed.

New Customer Details Activity Tab

Need to see all the interactions from particular customers? No problem. All portal activity going forward is now being logged, and will soon include specific details as well. For instance, you’ll see which quote drove them to the page, what vehicles they clicked on and priced out, the exact quote for which they requested contact information, and any updated contact information they provided.

Activity now factored into TPS score

You’ll also see each customer’s portal activity reflected in the TPS score. The scores for those customers who have visited and interacted with the portal will be extremely high and will show at the top of your Sales Ledger. For further insight into each score – for example, to see any recent portal activity that drove it up – simply hover over the score itself.

Now, it’s easy to see which customers are responding positively to marketing communications and interacting with the Quote portal page. To learn more about these updates or to discover all the ways Quote facilitates customer engagement and drives revenue, please contact your Performance Manager.

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