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Designed to connect your customers to your store before they connect with the competition, AutoLoop Quotecontinuously captures more profit with strategic personalized upgrade offers. Occasionally, however, a requested quote fails to generate automatically – and now, you’ll instantly know why.

It’s happened to everyone: maybe the amount owed on a customer’s current vehicle can’t be rolled into a new purchase, or perhaps a vehicle that closely matches the customer’s doesn’t exist in your inventory. Whatever the reason, no quote is created – and you want to know why.

Knowing the actual reason why a quote doesn’t automatically generate for a particular customer can help you determine if creating a custom quote for him or her is warranted. The latest update in AutoLoop Quote ensures the system is recording specific reasons behind each quote failure. Then, that information is provided on the Service Ledger as well as in Customer Details. While the “No Quote” box that previously displayed is still shown, simply hovering over the box will now bring up a tooltip that briefly explains why a quote was unavailable.

Where applicable – as in situations where no matching inventory is showing – the staff member can simply create a custom quote for the customer and download a handout within seconds.

To ensure the most accurate details are provided for each failed quote, further updates will be added in the upcoming weeks to provide you with more specific reasoning. To learn more about this new feature or to see how Quote can drive revenue for your store, please contact your Performance Manager.

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