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When it comes to upselling in the service lane, transparency is everything. And with the new Annotation tools in MPI™ and SmartLane™, it’s now even easier to be upfront with customers about repairs needed on their vehicle. Advisors using MPI or SmartLane on their mobile device to perform quick initial inspections during check-in can now easily annotate any areas of interest, for easy identification by the customer and straightforward explanation by the advisor.

Annotations allow the advisor to direct the customer’s attention to the exact part of their vehicle that may need attention. This gives customers much more transparency, and helps them pinpoint areas of concern to easily understand—and quickly approve—repair recommendations they receive via SMS.

Using the Annotation Tool

From the Inspection Item screen, select the camera option and take a photo of the area of concern. Then, you can add a red circle, or Indicator, to the photo. Add notes to the image to point out and explain potential repairs or areas of concern to ensure the customer has all the information needed to approve the recommended repairs. And help establish more trust between your customers and your shop—while also covering liability—by making clear and concise annotations.

For more information about the new Annotation features in SmartLane and MPI, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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