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Details matter, especially in your service lane. Keeping track of them all, however, can be a challenge, especially in an environment where unexpected changes and up-to-the-minute updates are the norm. That’s where the new browser notifications feature in AutoLoop MPI™ comes in.

A recently-developed, user-friendly multi-point inspection tool, AutoLoop MPI alerts your advisors, techs, and parts staff to any recent developments in ongoing inspections, giving them a clear and concise update, as well as an instant link to the inspection itself.  Similar to banner notifications you might receive on your phone, desktop, or Facebook, each message appears as a pop-up and instantly displays relevant information. Clicking on that pop-up immediately takes you straight to the page in question so the required actions can be performed.

Adding extra capability to the timely email, SMS, and ledger alerts that already keep you on track, this newest notification ensures that everyone in the Service Department sees exactly the same information in the same place, to eliminate any confusion. As well, linking directly to the page saves time, streamlines actions, and helps maintain accuracy during the ongoing inspection process.

With the new MPI notifications enhancement, mastering details and minimizing disruptions just got a lot easier. To learn more about this feature or begin using it in your store, reach out to your Performance Manager.

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