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One of the first reports available in AutoLoop XRM – and one of the most popular – is the Internet Leads Traffic Log. It’s easy to see why: this report allows you to quickly sort your leads by a variety of criteria and generate a report that your team can use to follow up with relevant information right at hand. Whether you want to see leads from a specific source, salesperson, type, or date range, the Internet Leads Traffic Log gives you options to make your data work best for you.

When you log in to XRM, you’ll find the Internet Leads Traffic Log under Internet Reports in the Reports menu. There are various ways you can search and sort your internet leads – and these selections are all optional, so you can get as specific or stay as general as you need. Here are a few of the most valuable options available to you:

  • Exclude Duplicates: you know that customers like to shop around, so you will most likely have leads from multiple sources for the same customer. It’s best practice to check this option, located under the Start and End Date fields on the far left of this screen, to exclude all but the most recent lead for a particular customer.
  • Sort By / Then By / Then By: these dropdown options on the far left of this screen allow you to go beyond a single sorting method to really drill down into sorting your info. For example, you may prefer to sort your internet leads by Lead Date, then by the Employee on the lead, then by the Vehicle desired.
  • Hold down the control key and click on the specific Sources you’d like to see leads for from the list in the middle section, or select All. If you’d like to hide the sources from your report, toggle the Exclude Source option at the top.
  • Exclude Parts and Service leads: only want to see your sales leads? Check this box at the bottom of the middle section to exclude the rest.
  • Use the New / Used dropdown option to see only those customers interested in a new vehicle, a used one, or both.

Once you’ve set your criteria for the leads you’d like to see, click Run Report at the very top left of this screen. If you’re using the WebXRM version of the system, ensure your browser pop-up blocker is disabled as the report will open automatically in a new tab.

The customer ID in the very left column of the report is a hyperlink that takes you directly to that customer’s record in the system, so you can quickly access all relevant information, see dealership activity, log phone calls or emails, and more.

The column of numbers in the middle gives you information about the contact between the customer and your store since the lead came in, including (from left to right): Inbound and Outbound Phone Calls, Showroom Visits, Inbound and Outbound Emails, and Inbound and Outbound Text Messages. The text message counts are new to this report, making it easier for you to track all communication channels with your leads.

If there are sold dates, deal numbers, or follow-up scheduled, those details will populate in the applicable columns. At the top of your screen, you’ll find options to print the report or save it as an Excel sheet, PDF, or Word document.

With at-a-glance information on your internet leads contained in this report, it’s easy to manage your newest prospects to target those in-market customers at the right time to seal the deal. For more information on the Internet Leads Traffic Log, or for any other questions regarding XRM, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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