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Put the power of data behind your marketing efforts. AutoLoop Essentials™ conveniently offers robust reporting capabilities containing all the information you need to send more targeted and profitable marketing campaigns. Here are three reports that can help you improve your tactics for higher click-through rates, more engagement, better ROI, and more.

Click-Through Report

This report goes beyond email opens and click-through rates. Dive into customer engagement a bit deeper and discover what is drawing their interest – and what isn’t. This will give you insight into which communications, offers, and links are strong ROI drivers, and which communications or offers aren’t capturing much engagement and need tweaking.

Filter your report results by date range and communication to pinpoint specific engagement metrics, or view all to see where your strong points lie.

Under the Notification Breakdown section, see at a glance the percentage of opens and click-throughs for your communications. In this particular chart, you can see that the Missed Appointment campaign isn’t prompting much action – this is an area where your offers could be improved to lift engagement.


The Activity Breakdown on the left of your screen gives you opportunities for highly targeted follow-up. Quickly see which offers and links are driving the most clicks, and select those customers to send a customized campaign based on their interest.

To access this report, click on Click Through under Reports from your dashboard, or find it under the Reports dropdown menu.

Campaign ROI Report

Which campaigns are bringing in the business? Find out with the Campaign ROI report located under Campaign Manager on your dashboard or under the Reports dropdown menu.

The Date Filter at the top of the screen allows you to select your date range and view campaign launches each month at the same time, with a color code to differentiate campaign channels.

  • Blue: Email
  • Yellow: Print Mail
  • Green: Both email and print mail
  • Grey/White: Other channels, such as phone calls or SMS

You can also use the Results Window to choose how many deals and repair orders to include in the report, ranging from one week to three months. Choose “2 Notifications” from the “Campaign with at least” dropdown menu to filter out test campaigns and then click “Get ROI Report.”

Your results will include a summary of the ROI, plus the Sales and Service ROI metrics listed separately, including the total responses and response rate, return dollars per contact, sales gross, customer pay and warranty income, how many conquest customers responded, and more.

Email Collection Report

Building loyalty and retention via email is easy – and affordable – so it makes sense to capture as many customer email addresses as you can. The Email Collection Report gives you an overview of how that process is going at your store.

By default, this report will show email collection rates for the past 7 days, and you can adjust to view your desired date range at the top left. Your dealership’s totals are displayed in the grid at the left and broken down by department to the right. Click on any of the hyperlinked stats to drill down into the specific customers, deal or repair order numbers, employee on the transaction, and more.

Discover email collection metrics for your team with email collection rates listed for each employee, giving you full transparency into training opportunities. Plus, this report can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly, allowing you to stay on top of operations automatically. Find the Email Collection report listed under Reports on your dashboard, or under the Reports dropdown menu.

These are just a few of the dynamic reporting capabilities available to you in AutoLoop Essentials. To learn more about these reports, or for any other question regarding Essentials, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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