The basics: automated trigger communications.

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Creating brand loyalty in today's computerized world requires excellence and speed at every step of the automotive customer lifecycle, from first contact to repurchasing. If your dealership can't keep pace, we can guide you through a digital transformation to streamline your operations.

We provide a comprehensive and tailored solutions suite that converts manual tasks and face-to-face interactions to the digital applications you need to create a fantastic customer journey.

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From happy birthday wishes to scheduled maintenance reminders, appointment confirmations to warranty expirations, AutoLoop Essentials™ automated triggers create constant – and automatic – connections to your customers throughout their entire ownership journey. Professionally designed and strategically timed for maximum marketing impact, these key communications comprise the very backbone of your marketing platform.

The name, the reason, the purpose

Derived from campaigns that are repeated often and regularly, “triggers” are so named because each sales and service notification is automatically implemented in response to certain events that occur in the customer record. For example, sales triggers include purchase follow-up, owner birthday, lease expiration, etc., while service triggers feature appointment confirmations, service follow-ups, scheduled maintenance, and other service-related events. Each trigger is part of an entire series of automated communications sent via email and/or direct mail.

Email triggers

Given the preferences of today’s consumers, email is one of the best mediums for your on-demand and automated campaigns and therefore serves as one of the core delivery methods for the AutoLoop marketing platform. To maximize open and usage rates, email triggers are dynamically designed for viewing and interacting on virtually any device or system and offer an engaging mixture of static and custom images and text. Each template also includes personalized customer information from constantly updated data files for peak relevance. But it doesn’t stop there—not only are these triggers personalized, they also feature precision OEM branding (logo, header image and background, specified fonts, and color palettes), and distinctive content that’s specific to your store.

Print triggers

To maximize the impact of your targeted emails, AutoLoop triggers offer compelling print pieces for sales and service that synchronize seamlessly with the coinciding email. Because consistency is crucial in all your marketing efforts, it’s a priority in both the 8.5” x 5.5” size and the layout of every trigger. Plus, each includes your logo along with the OEM logo, OEM-specific fonts, and color palettes.

The result? You can easily adhere to OEM design guidelines while maintaining flexibility with your communications, including the ability to track delivery to separate households.

See the entire selection – and see it work for you

Ready to take advantage of all the professional sales and service triggers designed to drive your business? You’ll find a convenient list of available templates here along with a detailed breakdown of the many trigger components included in each.

For additional details about AutoLoop triggers and how they can impact your store, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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