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Blog | August 3, 2018

Author: Doug Van Sach

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What do customers expect during the vehicle purchase process? What do they value most? In a survey included in the AutoLoop 2017 Digital Experience Study, we discovered valuable insights to these questions and more – insights that can give your dealership the competitive edge when customers start shopping. Read on to grasp a better understanding of what customers want, and how to meet their needs to capture more sales.

Promote Price Over Payment

In our studies, nearly 40% of consumers preferred the right price overall, as compared to 23% who were looking for the right monthly payment and 38% who wanted the right combination of both. Catch the customer’s eye by keeping the price point prominent in your email and direct mail marketing communications. Providing the right price also builds trust through transparency, making customers more likely to visit your showroom to seal their desired deal.

Stay Top-of-Mind – and Top of Their List

Just over 70% of consumers preferred to negotiate in person rather than online and planned to visit two dealerships. Make sure your dealership is one of them by sending consistent, targeted communications through a variety of channels for maximum reach. And make it personal by emphasizing the extra comforts your dealership offers to better the customer experience, such as no-pressure sales, a simplified shopping process, and, of course, the vehicle they want at a desirable price point.

Highlight the Features They Love

What are customers looking for in a vehicle? Newer technology was most sought after by 40% of consumers, and 39% simply wanted a newer vehicle in general. Other features to spotlight in your marketing communications include:

  • Higher quality
  • Better fuel economy
  • More seating and/or cargo room

Doug Van Sach
VP of Strategy & Analytics

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