Speed up custom quotes with automated incentive updates.

Customer Only | July 31, 2018


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AutoLoop Quote makes quoting a customer into a new vehicle simple. With our proprietary equity mining solution, you can deliver an upgrade offer to a sales- or service-only customer in seconds.

But what if you provide a customer with an upgrade offer that doesn’t work for them? Instead of letting the deal fall through the cracks, utilize the Custom Quote feature to ensure that deal goes through to close. Now, with auto-populated lease and loan term fields, a custom quote can be created in seconds, too.

Add incentives to custom quotes for a more personalized approach

The Custom Quote feature allows you to tailor every editable portion of the quote to your customer’s needs. Customize the vehicle they want to trade up to, sales starting price, dealer profit, doc fees, and total selling price. Input the trade value, trade payoff, and net trade. Then, edit the lease or loan term. With the new auto-populated lease- and loan-term data, not only can you select the term, but you can also add incentives.

Since the right data auto-populates based on your selection, you won’t have to remember the money factor or APR for various terms — the system does all the number-crunching for you.

Get instant answers for faster deal-close

Quote’s latest update gives you the ability to instantly turn all a customer’s questions about different terms and rates into specific, concrete figures that help drive a decision — and ultimately close the deal.

To learn more about this feature or to discover more ways AutoLoop Quote simplifies your tasks and drives your revenue, please contact your Performance Manager.

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